Rules of Engagement

Goldzone Education, LLC. Rules of Engagement

Simply put, the Goldzone Rules of Engagement describes what you can expect from us and what we expect from you in return.


That we will:

    1. Research, create, produce and deliver the latest breakthrough education technology in an extraordinary environment that is fun, thought-provoking and stimulating.
    2. Provide Program Leaders who are charismatic, powerful communicators and who have earned the right to lead.
    3. Charge fair and reasonable prices in exchange for excellent value.
    4. Make amends if we break an agreement, communicating with you ASAP to let you know.
    5. Only accept your money if we truly believe that what you are buying will work for you.
    6. Acknowledge and encourage your individuality, right to personal sovereignty, and freedom to be your own advisor and keep your own counsel.
    7. Create an environment where it is safe to make mistakes, learn and make changes without being invalidated.
    8. Maintain higher than expected standards of excellence, personal and business ethics and code of honor.
    9. Listen to feedback and make corrections.


That you will:

    1. See success as a function of correction, allowing yourself to make mistakes, and to always participate 100%.
    2. When attending an event, arrive on time and stay for the entire session leaving only during refreshment breaks.
    3. Make and keep a high level of commitment to apply what you learn, and be willing to make changes as necessary.
    4. Give us at least one month’s notice if you cannot attend an event for which you are registered.
    5. Share your experience in a way that inspires at least two people to take positive action.
    6. Communicate any feedback directly to us.
    7. Let us know when you change phone number, e-mail or physical address.
    8. Keep your financial agreements with Goldzone Leadership Center and advise any potential broken agreement at the first appropriate opportunity.
    9. Be personally responsible for the value you receive from your membership.